Death Parade

by Kobold

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Death Parade is the debut album by the Serbian band Kobold, recorded from November 2016 to January 2017 in Citadela Sound Production studio in Belgrade It features a no-edit, completely raw, unique garage power trio sound, resembling a live recording. The album takes you through fifteen fast paced songs of pure destruction and mayhem, with all band members exchanging vocals and solo moments. The music is followed by the highly offensive lyrics that express hate for everyone and everything. Like the previous two releases, the album is released by the band's own label - LOM.


released July 1, 2017

Recorded in Citadela Sound Production, Belgrade from November 2016 to January 2017
Engineered mixed & mastered by Luka "Tower" Matković
Logo: Peđa Ginevski, Đurđa Garčević & Elio Rigonat
Art: Željko Manojlović


Elio Rigonat - Vocals, Guitar & Bass on EP
Savo Kraljević - Bass & Backing Vocals
Sergei Radan - Drums & Backing Vocals



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Kobold Belgrade, Serbia

Hailing from the depths of Serbian darkness since 2015, Kobold is a trio of road hogs bent on thrashing, moshing & corrupting everything that is sacred.
Fueled by vast doses of Beer & Vinjak, Kobold has pillaged its way through the Serbian metal scene from the alcohol & piss ridden small clubs to the festival stages, with its unique ball busting Thrash Metal sound, never heard before!!!
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Track Name: Death Parade
Power, charging the street
Nine thousand horses of pain
Kobold's demonic creed
Relentlessly paving the way
Demons, straight from hell
Slaughtering weak and the mild
Killing the trend, no way to defend
Bodies of victims are piled

Let's ride, ride with me, spread the hate
Let's ride, ride with me, ride the wave
Let's ride, ride with me, go insane
Let's ride, ride with me, endlessly, through this Death Parade

Maggots, crawling through streets
Fuck-boys and junkies and gimps
Wave of death, to clean up shit
No escape, your skull shall be split
Supercharged, death machine
A symbol of annihilation
A deadly panzer, to wipe out cancer
Crushing the spineless creations
Track Name: Fake (feat. Dača of Nadimač)
I see the way you scorn at me
Your fake smile smells like shit
Cum and piss drip from your mouth
Zits and herpes crown your snout

Fake! You're a fucking fake!
No one believes the shit, you say!
No one believes the shit, you say!

Like a snake, you crawl to me
You bring me lies and misery
Your crooked tongue is what I fear
Why won't you just disappear

Talk tough, cause pain, rotten cunt, mind profane
Spineless, cowardice, whipped dog, quite insane
Disease, disgrace, beady eyes, rotting face
Shameful, cum bag, mindless, shit sack

Everybody knows you're a snake
A dirty liar even you forsake
Alone and cold in darkness you shall wake
Just drop and die for your own sake

Spread lies, spread legs, steal money, steal friends
Faceless, hopeless, shameless, thoughtless
Cheat love, cheat yourself, never honest, that's your game
Spread rumors, spread lies, a dirty creature you despise
Track Name: Random Act of Violence
I pray to no messiah
For all I do, I do myself
I don't need no alibi
For I stand behind my act

Random act of violence

You will call me inhumane
I will call it - to be brave
You will call me too insane
It won't change me all the same
Track Name: I, Icarus
If, I could fly I would
Soar, through the sky, and reach for the
Sun, and if I died, I would be
Gone, only dreams would live on

Clip my wings and melt the wax
Tie me down and break my back
Swallow Sun and pierce the sky
Tear me up but dreams won't die

If, I could fly I would
Soar, ride the wind, and reach for the
Stars, and if I died, I would be
Gone, only dreams would live on
Track Name: When the Eyes Turn Inwards
Drunkards and thieves, they mean nothing to me
All of their lives are for me, to cease
Worthless creations, walking abominations
Shits of human race, waste of air and space

When the eyes turn inwards, you've run out of luck
When the eyes turn inwards, you're the one that's fucked
When the eyes turn inwards, you better be prepared
When the eyes turn inwards, no one will be spared

Stench of soiled clothes, stench of rotten souls
Ridden with disease, lice worms, and fleas
They say it's not their fault, how they turned out to be
Well maybe I don't care, ‘cause I hate to hear them breathe
Track Name: Die Hard
Incapable of giving any affection
Passing your judgments without hesitation
Pain in your heart consumes you by the day
Knowing that your life is slipping away
Your mind is melting infected by affliction
Worse by the second, you're losing aspiration
You've thrown it all away, without a second thought
All alone you truly are lost

Blinded by sickness you cannot see
Your affliction won't set you free
Your mind is locked in an endless strife
Your instincts tell you to throw your life
If you entered my mind's domain
You'd understand all my pain
Watching you slowly wasting away
I will be torn, to my dying day

Wasting your days rotting in your cave
Basking in pleasure of going insane
Drunk from affliction, feeding your addiction
You're trapped in fiction, and it's killing me

Die, Die Hard, Die

You've lost your pride
You've lost your hope
You've lost your mind
You've lost your life
Track Name: Soul Funeral
Two lit candles, black and blue
Burning bright in her room
Crimson blood drips from her blade
A golden chalice in her hands

Soul funeral

For her love to surely be damned
She shall need His helping hand
He shall grant her wicked desire
She shall burn her wish in the fire
Track Name: Ministry of Propaganda
Ministry of Propaganda, societies decay
Wicked agenda, it's time for them to pay
Gather arms and break the spell, sledgehammer to the screen
It's time to put a final end, on Wizard's evil scheme

Death, to thee

Calculating every move, playing with our lives
You're the profit, from which they profit, they milk you till you die
Sickly, weak and fragile, one thing they fear is strength
Hiding in their castles, they know what's coming next

Like the worms, they crawl under your skin
Eat you from inside, death from within
Track Name: Headless Horseman
You think you know shit, in your office suit and tie
You act like you're so different, but you know it to be lie
Afraid to thread free, you gave up on your ways
You try to act preserved and smart and take pride in your fail

We were four
Now your one
Lowly man
You’ve lost your head

Blinded by a cunt, now she's left you too
Can you feel the dead air, it's coming down on you
You wish there was a way, to return the time
But there are no second chances, to redeem a swine
Track Name: Warth Child
Cursed, from the day of birth
To a life filled with pain
Everywhere I turn, everywhere I look
Hate stares at me
I don't know what I have done
But maybe I don't give a damn
So come on now throw hate at me
Come and test your luck

I am a Warth Child
But maybe I don't give a flying fuck

Brothers, they've stricken me
Scars decorate my back
Cast aside like an underdog
What is it that I lack
I don't know what I have done
But maybe I don't give a damn
You always took more than you gave
So hate me to my grave
Track Name: Thrill for Speed
Bring the beer bottles, smash the full throttle
We're speeding ahead to the show
The pressure is rising, faster than lightning
We are brewing up a storm
Adrenaline rushing, our hearts are thumping
We are all ready to mosh
Blood in our veins, beer in our guts
It's time to lose all control

I've got the thrill for speed
That's all I need
You've got the thrill for speed
That's all you need
They've got the thrill for speed
That's all they need
We've got the thrill for speed
That's all we need
Thrill for speed

Broken and beaten, but still, we stand
Our necks are pumping with pain
Each time we fall, we jump back again
Ready to smash on the floor
Breaking surroundings, breaking our faces
Wreaking havoc around
A dose of speed is all that we need
Our addiction's what keeps us alive
Track Name: Mistress of the Night
Drinking a beer, on a hill
Screaming aloud with thee
Temple is burning, heads are turning
A spectacle for all to see
Deadly chill, oh what a thrill
Red Goddess embraces me
Oh metal mistress of the night
Please set me free

Burn, like fire
Dance, with the Devil
Howl, like thunder
Swirl, like a tornado

Wicked and crazy, spawn from hell
None will ever feel what I felt
Princess of Darkness take me away
To die under your spell
Track Name: Stand up and Fight (Exciter cover)
Did your parents ever tell you to stay away
from rock and roll
Don't you ever tell them we're more than a
million strong
Taking your life stealing your soul
don't ya know it won't be long

Attacked by forces blown to the ground
we're an army like soldiers more than a
million strong

We'll tear this place down with your sadistic power
Get mean to the forces of wrong
Break down the walls, feel the curse
Don't ya know it won't be long

Stand up and fight

Stand up and fight for the metal in your blood
Get mean to the forces of wrong
Sounds of raging thunder metal lust
Don't you know it won't be long